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Getting serious: Combustion Analyzer in Bangkok

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Forget knock sensors !

My 8 channel TFX combustion analyzer is on its way to Thailand. I will keep you posted with first hand tuning data.


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When you get it, it would be nice if you could do a log of both sensors (the pressure sensor from the combustion analyser and the knock sensor) just to be able to visualize and see the differences in sensitivity.

Nice work Dom! I'll admit I'm a little jealous right now :)

Make sure you share your experiences with us once you have the opportunity to test it.

nice!! Keep us posted :)

Yes, I'll sure keep you posted. Can't wait to receive the shipment.

I ordered six instrumented high speed sensors, up to 60 psi boost. Their cost alone is twice the rest of the system haha.

are you using Plex tools too ?

Holydevil, there is many company* who make combustion analyser, and Dynodom said he bought the TFX.


TFX: www.tfxengine.com

Plex: http://www.plex-tuning.com/products/plex-pcm-1000-combustion-monitor

AVL: http://www.avlditest.com/?id=115&L=1#mukt (make the sensors too)

BTW Dynodom, what kind of sensor did you choose with your TFX combustion analyzer ?

embedded in spark plug (easier to use but more expensive and obviously don't let you use your own spark plug brand/ heat range)

or independent (require to drill and tap the engine head)

@ Holydevil,

Yes, PLEX V2 Knock Monitor

@ Ludo 86

Instrumented spark plugs. Currently I do not see the need, nor is it practical, to drill holes into the cylinder heads to be able to accommodate the independent probes.

Congratulations, Dynodom,

Last autumn I was in touch with Clint from TFX and wanted to buy the combustion analyser, too bad our currency rate was dropped by a half, so the analyser became too expensive (

@ Dynodom, I agree on the practicality sense of using an instrumented spark plug. We spoke to the guys from AVL in 2013 at PRI about their system and they offer both instrumented plugs or direct fit. The direct fit supposedly gives some advantage as you would generally place it in the area of the combustion chamber most prone to knock. This allows better detection of the pressure spikes.

I imagine that is getting down to the last 2% in improvement though and I've seen results from the Plex with an instrumented plug that were exceptionally detailed.

I have taken the first steps with the TFX combustion pressure analyzer. Check out the screenshot attached, by the way this cycle was without combustion taking place during a calibration run in order to dynamically calibrate the software for TDC. Once I get really going with this fantastic piece of engineering equipment I will post more detailed info.

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Nice work! I'm keen to see some results once you have some combustion going on in there :)

This is were its at, keep the up dates coming.

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