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GM coolant sensor questions

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I am using a GM coolant sensor in my build and have run into some questions on it.

Polarity: The sensor is a two-wire unit. In my mind & experience, there is not polarity with this style sensor. I have downloaded datasheets from GM/Delphi, BallengerMotorsports and Mouser.com and there is no reference to polarity. Yet I have also downloaded sheets from EFI Hardware and Haltech that indicate there is. Does anyone have any comments or experience with this? I've tried both ways and don't see any difference but I am chasing some gremlins and want to make sure everything is as it should be.

Superseded numbers: The sensor is the typical 3/8" NPT GM Coolant sensor. I show the original part number as 12146312 and that sensor carries a particular response curve and associated resistances. I see comments that it has been superseded by part number 15326386. Same physical package and the response curve is identical but the associated resistance is about 4% different. Has anyone else run into this?

Looking at the Delphi data, they show the two part numbers now as 'interchangeable' That certainly is true in the OEM world but when we are playing with a different set of toys, the correct resistance values is important. Yea, it's only 4% but if you add up tolerances enough times, you can end up with something that doesn't work well. I prefer to set it accurately rather than "close enough"

Has anyone found similar issues? and how you worked around it? Fortunately, my ECU allows me to enter specific resistances for my sensor, the question is which set to use? I don't have the equipment to accurately measure resistance and exactly 0, 20 and 80 C. I can get close but again, trying to be as accurate as I can

Appreciate any comments, thanks in advance I've attached datasheets on the sensor


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Resistance in the sensor does not have a polarity, but the wiring does if you are trying to troubleshoot a failure.

I would use whatever sensor you can source and have calibration data for.

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