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Golf having alot of wheel spin

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Need some assistance as we are getting alot of wheel spin do we adjst boost down and make less hp aim is to get into the 9sec as we now running 10.89

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Hi Leroy , can you run boost by gear , run less boost in the lower gears to reduce spin ? , what ecu are you running.

There's a few ways of dealing with this. As Keith has mentioned, using gear dependent (or speed dependent) boost targets will help match your engine torque to the available traction. Another trick I use to allow me to keep the boost higher without excessive wheel spin is to use a timer function to retard the timing as the car leaves the line. Once traction is established then you can ramp the timing back in. The advantage of this approach is that the boost can be maintained at a higher level which means that it doesn't take as long for the turbo to spool up and reach a certain boost target when you do have traction.

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