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Haltech acceleration enrichment

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Good day every one,

I have some newbie concerns about haltech sprint 500:

1- at idle while sudden press the pedal to floor 100% , the afr reading is 10 something.

2- While accelerating slight press on the throttle the afr reading is very lean until the load become little higher then it came logical like 14.5 to 14.8, this is before the turbo spool.

3- I had played with the enrich table and there were no changes to afr unless I go manually to the fuel main table and increase the fuel at those cells which is not logical to me. I have 50s and 60s at idle and in the area which I increased up to 80s to keep the afr reading at 14.5 to 14.8, after a while of accelerating the reading became rich at those cells like 12 to 13.4 afr. What should I do in this case? Some photos are attached for this issue.

4- Another question, can I manually retard timing on rev limiter to get pops and fireworks or I should use aux rev limiter option? And how can I do that.

5- How can I hear knocking with knock hearing device at wot? Even though on dyno when I steady state tune. At higher loads I can’t hear knock also the engine coolant temperature increasing under boost if I stay long time. Is there any trick or hint for that or device can show me knock?

Sorry guys for any newbie questions because I working on my home project car from scratch after learning from some HPA courses.

The car is mini jeep :

Engine is Toyota 4efte, td04L ,550cc DW injectors, haltech sprint 500, internal ecu map sensor used with 80cm long vacuum hose, fixed aem wideband gauge. The car purpose is 100% for offroad.

Thanks in advance

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First of all I'd recommend you go and watch the webinar we did on accel enrichment using the Haltech. I believe this will address many of your questions. You can find it here: https://hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/048-tuning-acceleration-enrichment-haltech-platinum-pro/

The key with accel enrichment is to make sure the base fuel table is tuned accurately before you worry about tuning accel enrichment. Otherwise you're going to be accounting for rich or lean areas in the main fuel table and you will never be able to get a good result.

You can use the ignition correction table under the limiter menu to remove timing as the rpm approaches the limiter. This is generally used to reduce engine torque and soften the way the engine hits the limiter, however if you're using an ignition cut limiter then retard can result in the effect you're after. Be aware this can be damaging on some engines with weak valve trains like the Nissan SR20 for example. Alternatively you can use the anti-lag launch control function which is designed to help build boost during launch by using retard. The same warnings apply.

An audio knock device should be effective at WOT. If you have too much ambient noise, I'd recommend looking at a better set of ear muffs. I use a grade 5+ Peltor/3M set.

Thank you Andre for the link, i will retun this car soon then will see the difference

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