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Haltech elite 1500 TDC offset Issue

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Hi all!

I have got my engine swap project just about running, but not well at all. I can get it to idle, but it will not rev past 1100 rpm or so regardless of throttle input or target idle.


Honda K24

Haltech elite 1500

I am using a good base map off a friends k24 that was tuned. When I went to set the TDC offset I had to add 360 deg to the expected 308 ish degree range for the K24, my friends runs on this fine, but mine is at 668, and wont run at 308. What could cause this? Is it an issue, or luck of the draw being 360 out or not? ..and could this be linked to the car running horribly? Timing marks align at this when locked to 10 deg

My map sensor is calibrated and reads sensibly, fuel pressure too (have pressure input to ecu)

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

360 out just means you didn't follow all the factory workshop instructions for aligning sprockets, chains, and gears. Usually no big deal.

What are the injector pulse widths like at idle and as you try to open the throttle? What are the Lambda/O2 readings? Is the timing still locked?

Are all the exhaust pipes equally hot (i.e. is there one or more cylinders that aren't getting fuel or spark?).

Make sure the rev-limiter settings are not off (yes, I've typed 1000, when I meant 10000), that will do it.

Have you verified the wiring? Recently had a K20 where the tacho output was somehow connected to the VVT solenoid. That hurt the power :)

I have faced the same problem with two Honda s2000 using haltech elite 1500 and 2500 , one of the them TDC angle is 5 and the other one is 365 , so there is 360 degree difference . I have checked the mechanical timing as per factory service manual. Could the difference be that the firing order is reversed ? The one with 365 TDC did only 100rwhp on the dyno at 12.5afr and 28 degree of timing.

isnt it something like that happens when the toothed crank trigger wheel is put on backwards? Pretty sure you can find youtube vids about that on some youtube channels

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