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Haltech Elite 1500 VE at idle

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Hi All,

I have been running a Haltech Elite 1500 on my Honda B16A2 powered Mini for a while with a throttle body setup and Alpha N tuned.

I recently completed a turbo conversion on it and installed a BorgWaner EFR6258, water to air intercooler, new Deschtwerks 550cc injectors and reverted back to the stock intake manifold. The engine is stock except for the turbo.

Since installing the Turbo I have changed over to using the VE tuning method and have been having issues with High VE values. At idle I am seeing

I want to confirm that I have put the fuel flow values in correctly as my VE values appear to be low by 20-30% across the map. This maybe indicates that the flow is not correct. I have put the data supplied against Inj Press differential (abs) which I am confident is correct.

I have checked that my fuel pressure sensor is calibrated correctly by using a Gauge to verify and they were within 1 PSI. I have checked my base fuel pressure is correct by also using both gauge and pressure sensor with the FPR reference port disconnected.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Data supplied by Deatschwerks

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Does you Injector Pressure Differential seem to be calculated correctly? Is should show your Fuel Presssure Sensor value minus the Manifold Pressure (in all operating conditions) if it's correct. If the fuel pressure regulator is correctly picking up the manifold pressure, then the Injector Pressure Differential should remain constant at idle, cruise and wide-open throttle. If your Injector Pressure Differential was actually showing the gauge pressure of the sensor, then that would make all the tables off by 1 atmosphere. You would need to change your injector differential pressure break points by adding 14.5 psi to each one. This would result in your injectors flowing about 20% more for the same Injector Differential Pressure.

It's possible the injector data may not be true differential, but is actually a gauge value, as they typically test in a one-atmosphere environment.

David, I have had a look at the injector flow numbers today and checked the pressure differential is calculated correctly. Looking at my pressure differential for flow I have changed my values to Gauge not absolute and the VE appears more in the ball park of 60% at idle.

Looking at the NSP software I couldn`t change the pressure to gauge on the table but had to add an atmosphere to it.


Got another issue now with an intermittent home signal but will start a new tread on that one to keep it cleaner.

Thanks For your help.

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