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Haltech Elite training seminar, got any questions?

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Next week I'll be attending the haltech elite training seminar. It will entail the ins and outs of the ecu, what it can and can't do, and how to work through the software. I wanted to offer anyone who has any questions a chance to ask them before I go. Thanks. :)

Is their injector model gonna become more advanced than what it is currently?

I was looking at their stuff but that threw me off them, becomes more cirtical using big injectors on small engines.

are they going to loosen up their axis setup, in terms of flexibility like LinkECU or MoTeC?

I just attended their seminar in FL and yes they are very flexible with their map axis setups. The ESP software does look very similar to ECU Manager but it is much much more flexible and in some ways better laid out.

Question 1: Is their injector model gonna become more advanced than what it is currently?

Answer: The injector model can be as advanced as you want it to be currently. As default you have 4 injection system properties,and with up to 16 correction tables that can be repurposed to any axis you want. The default injection properties are deadtime, flow, and current properties.

If you have injector data, you can create a table for it. For dead time at variable pressure, simply press F3 to open the table settings, and create a 2nd axis for injector pressure differential. And for flow rate data, Press F3 to open table settings and create an initial axis for injector pressure differential

Question 2: Are they going to loosen up their axis setup?

Answer: Nearly every axis setup can be repurposed to your liking. The Target Lambda, Base fuel, and Base Ignition tables are 3 axis, most correction tables are 2 axis, and certain tables are 1 axis( fuel coolant temp correction comes to mind)

Hope this helps! :)

I personally like the fact that Haltech have kept a very familiar feel to the new software. Often with a new product there is a steep learning curve to get up to speed with a brand new user interface. With the Elite an existing Haltech user can basically hit the ground running, despite the obvious advances in the product.

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