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Haltech MAP sensor problem

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I have a Haltech PS1000 on my sr20det. When I hooked up my Haltech GM-3 bar map sensor (external) and configured it the sensor was blinking red and reading full value on the ecu manager software while engine was off. I tested the connector with and without the sensor plugged in and got the same voltage. Even when i would introduce vacuum and pressure the sensor still showed the voltage. I also double checked the the wiring was proper which it was. I decided to test if the sensor was bad by hooking it up to my I/O expander on a spare AV and configured it under a "general input" and the sensor worked correctly.

So my questions are as follows.

#1 Does this mean my ecu needs repaired or is there something I could do?

#2 Is there any way I can run my external map sensor on my spare AV?

Have you set the MAP source to 'External' on the main setup page? The external MAP sensor needs to be wired to pin A15 and you can then configure it to suit in the MAP sensor configuration page. You also need to confirm that the wiring to the sensor is correct. You can check if the ECU is receiving a valid voltage by disconnecting the MAP sensor and temporarily jumping the signal wire (A15) to the ground pin and then to the 5v pin. You should see the corresponding inputs in the ECU manager software.

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