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Haltech Nexus R5 with Turbosmart electronic wastegate

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Recently Haltech added controls for the Turbosmart electronic wastegates to their production firmware v1.13 for the Nexus R5. I am excited to see this finally get added as I have both components and would love to get some hands on experience tuning this combo. I know this is new for Haltech and the HPA staff probably haven't had a chance to try it out, but is it possible that there would be an addendum to the boost control course or maybe a webinar going forward that will address this and other similar electronic wastegate setups? I know there are a couple of other ECU's (Fueltech and Emtron I think) that have the ability to drive the electronic wastegates, so it seems like this may be getting less niche. It would be great to see any differences in control strategies between ECU manufacturers as well. You guys have done a great job adding more courses and information via the webinars since I joined, so I am hopeful that this may be somewhere on your roadmap.

I can’t speak for haltech and other ECU brands, but setting it up with the emtron was very time consuming. Haven’t got the chance to try it with MoTeC but I’m sure it will take some time to make it work like it should.

I was very happy this was on a personnal project as there is no way in hell I could of charged a customer for the labor involved.

You’re lucky that haltech offers a firmware update that controls it without too much testing !

it’s funny cause Turbosmart just released their new controller to operate the gate. Yet the gate was on the market already. I think they just wanted to be the first company with this.

Let us know how it goes with the Haltech unit !

I will be using one with a Fueltech. Look forward to HPA covering it in the future!

It is great to hear that other people are interested in this emerging tech and have/will be trying it out with some of the other ECU brands. I saw that the standalone control box finally hit the market, so I wonder if the ECU manufacturers will continue to develop first party support for electronic waste gates or if it will become more standard to lean on the turbosmart control system.

Either way I intend to document some of the parts of my build since I haven't seen some of the topics pertinent to my project in videos or forum posts, and that includes trying to get that wastegate working properly. It will be a little while as I wait for my engine, but once I reach that point I'll be sure to share anything I learn about the hardware or the process.

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