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Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 and MAF sensor

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Good day!

Subject car spec:

- Atezza sxe10 3sge beams black top

- Exhaust toda cam pulley

- Mechanical Throttle body with ICSV

- Fuel system changed to MAP related pressure style with ajustable regulator

- Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 to manage fuel, ignition intake cam, relays etc.

- OEM ECU used to chassis compability (dash, a/c etc.)

Now, going to return back oem e-throttle and oem dual vvti system. For quality tuning I have to use one of the folowing options: VE multi tables (for different cam angles) or MAF based fuel table. As far I know Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 has ability to use only two load sources: TPS and MAP signals. I've got an idea to wire up the MAF signal to TPS pin and use it as load for main fuel table with MAP correction. I understand that decel fuel cut function will not work correctly, but I don’t care about ).

So, the question is: is this will work? is any other restrictions i'll faced?

Looking forward to yours replyes and ideas.

Hello, i have no experience in the Haltech platform doing this but other ecus platforms like Motec, Link, Emtron have no issue doing that so I'm sure after looking into their software it will work

Regards Ross

Ross, thanks for feedback, I also have no see any restrictions. But who knows, just for sure. I’ll try and write the result here soon.

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