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Haltech Platinum Sport vs Elite

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Should I upgrade to the Haltech Elite from the Haltech Platinum Pro?

I am sorrry for the novice question but I am struggling to work out whether I need to upgrade to the elite series ECU. I thought this would be a fairly straight forward question to ask however everyone I speak to has a different opinion.

I currently have a twin turbo rb26 making 300kw and this number is slowly increasing. It a 100% street. I just do pulls from time to time. I have never tracked it or dragged it. I have the full HPA academy course and want to learn how to make adjustments to the base tune. Now what am I looking for in a ECU? I don't need any race functions. I don't intend to have any DBW or strain gauges. No anti lag. Just want a ECU to control my engine, save the engine from "Danger to the manifold" and easy enough for me to learn how to make adjustments.

Moving onto the actual ECU. I can basically see 4 differences between the ECUs that I might effect me:

-"Basic Long Term Learning" compared to "Up to 4D". Unsure what basic fully means. I know the elite has short and long term fuel trim.

-Turning Table Resolution 32x32 3D vs 32x32x8 4D. From Andre's videos about the RB26 the 4d is better but after speaking to a few tuners. Its a benefit but not worth the upgrade.

-Single Level engine protection I can live with.

- The PP knock protection is "As per OEM" where the Elite has 2. The RB26 has dual knock sensor from factory so I assume this is the same.

I am just about the pull the trigger on sensors for the car. Dual wideband, Flex Fuel, 3Bar Map, IC-7 Dash and Oil Pressure.

Basically it comes down to me spending $3k PLUS a tune for something I am not sure I actually need. Some people say spend the money on the car.

I am sort of leaning towards keeping the Platinum Pro as I am thinking the Elite won't do anything for me besides the STFT and LTFT.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's help on this subject. If you could kindly explain to me why you think the Elite is worth the upgrade that would be great.


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I think the problem is someone else can't answer this for you. Many people may not be able to feel a drivability difference of 2d vs 3d mapping, likewise noone knowns how much time or money you are willing to invest in taking advantage of the additional features of the elite to justify the change. I think you have identified things you are interested in, you just need to work out if risk/reward/opportunity cost is worth it to you.

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