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Haltech PS1000 - Timing lock // New cams (Re-timing) - Low idle?

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I've put new BC 264 cams in my SR20DET and all went well. I have some questions about my low idle however..


Cams installed

Cyl 1 lobes point out < >

Intake gear at 10 o clock - Exhaust gear at 12 o clock

20 PINS between dots on cams

CAS dot on the right lined up with housing mark, inserted, dot to the left lines up with housing mark

Crank pulley was set at 10deg BTDC

I went into my ECU (Haltech PS1000) and locked my timing at 10 degrees. Using a timing light I cranked the car over and adjusted my trigger angle accordingly until the timing light was hitting 10 degree on the front cover mark.

All is good however I have a very LOW idle.. 350RPM to be exact. I never touched target idle in the Haltech but if I remember correctly I accidentally left the "Lock timing" feature enabled. I haven't disabled it yet as I had a long day sorting all the above..

Does anybody have any idea what the cause of a low idle would be?


If the timing is still locked then this will affect the idle speed. It's also worth noting that you should always do a final check of your base timing with the engine running as opposed to just cranking since there can be some variation at cranking speed. If you've gone to a more aggressive cam profile then you quite likely will need to increase the air bypass to achieve a reasonable idle speed. The engine's VE is reduced at low rpm with a performance cam and hence the engine isn't as efficient at low rpm.