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Haltech Sport 1000 trigger setup limiting

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Hey all,



Ross damper with 36-1 trigger wheel and DIYautotune hall effect sensor

Stock CAS on the cam

K20 honda ignition coils

Settings are (I should have taken a screenshot yes, I'll upload one tomorrow AM)

Motronic 36-1+1 Home

Trigger edge - Falling

Home edge - Falling

Trigger type -Hall Effect

Home type - Hall Effect

Trigger pull up -Enabled

Home pull up -Enabled

Trigger filter level -none

Home filter level -none

I'm not super versed in Haltech Platinum, but with the TDC offset angle it stops sparking it I go past 63* and on the Trigger tooth offset if I go past 31 it stops sparking. Also it I go lower then 20* on TDC offset angle it stops sparking.

Tried moving the trigger wheel (Ross kit mounts on 3 bolts on the ARP damper thinking that maybe the gap and home were at the same time. To my surprise this didnt change anything. I guess the Haltech is using the CAM sync as home and not the missing tooth of the crank trigger wheel, a pity.

Got the scope out and it looks clean, tried swapping the trigger edges and pull up resistors with no luck.

At the moment its 10 degrees off TDC and I can't get it any closer.

I know with ECUmaster there is a limit to Trigger angle in the sense that too low and you limit timing advance. Theres also an unspoken rule about exceeding the trigger tooth count (ex. 36 tooth wheel don't set first trigger tooth at more then 36)

Is this a similar issue or is there something else I'm missing here?

As promised, the trigger settings screenshot.

Should also mention that the air gap on the crank sensor is set per DIYautotune's specs.

We have also adjusted the CAS in both directions to see if that helped, it did not.

Attached Files

Not really resolved but ended up changing the lock timing to 20 degrees and got it timed correctly. Seems to be a few settings that kill spark output for some reason or other besides timing as well.

So we tossed it and put a newer ECU in that had features the customer wanted anyway.

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