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Having issues with 2JZ GTE VVTi TDC Angle

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Good Day

I’m having Issues on my 2JZ, I recently changed the Cylinder Head, from Non VVTi to VVTi, with that, I added the VVTi oil feed to the engine block, and changed the Crank timing gear to the 36-2.

My Engine was working on 5º TDC angle with the Non VVTi head.

So I changed to the Haltech default 2JZ GTE VVTi standard settings, But the Car starts Roughly.

The Car works more or less Ok when I put on 475º on TDC Angle.

I’ve attached my settings picture

Can anyone Help me with This ?

Attached Files

Are you sure it's 36 - 2? 36 - 1 is more common for 36 tooth wheels.

You should use a timing light to verify the TDC angle. Should be easy enough to do if you car will start / idle.

Yes, Im Sure it’s 32-2, It’s the Standard one for 2JZ, even the Haltech gives that option as standard..

I tried the Timing Light, since I got the Car to Idle very Bad, on 515, and the Timing is sitting on 10 on the Crank, and on the Cams is sitting on the Centre..

I don’t understand what I’m getting Wrong.

Timing is locked to 10* degrees for that test?

I'm not surprised that the timing offset is much different then with the Non VVTI trigger wheel, as it doesn't have a home other then the cam.

I'm sure you've watched this video already but just in case, here's a video from Haltech explaining how to set timing.


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