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Help choosing an ECU for 2jzgte VVTI build-out

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Quick background: coming from an Infinity 506 box and 2jzgte setup. Moving to 2jzgte vvti dbw and many sensors/CAN/pumps etc.

I had made the decision to finally invest big bucks and get into a MoTec with the GPR firmware... however I'm wanting to have this build done by July and I'm unsure if MoTecs global backorder is going to work for my timeline.

I had heavily considered the Haltec Elite 2500 prior to making the MoTec decision. Seems like its crammed with features for the money and seems easy enough to work with the software. Can anyone compare the M130 and the Elite 2500?

Is the MoTec worth the wait??? When they are capable of the "same" thing?

All advice much appreciated.

it really depends on the outside of just running the engine features you may need in my opinion the Motec offers better logging and limiting features but the haltech will certainly run the engine just as well, I would also consider a Link extreme or fury ecu as a more user-friendly ecu as is the max ecu, the motec is certainly harder to base program over the others if you are learning as you go, if you are not tuning the engine your self ask the tuner what he is happiest to tune out of the list you provide to him or her,

I was planning on completing the majority of the tuning myself and then hopefully renting dyno time or paying for someone to run it to verify.

It seems with the MoTec options are endless but they come at a cost.

My biggest question pertains more to things like... I've heard the sampling rate on MoTec is higher and this leafs to features that need real time correction functioning better. Ie traction control, Boost Control (inparticular 4-port solenoids)

If the MoTec is the only ecu cable of truly "dialing in" these advanced features I'm guessing I'll be best served by waiting...

Thanks for the advice. I do have some Link experience and it was positive. I may have to give that some thought.

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