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Hey guys, I have been running a Hondata Kpro v4 unit for some time and have decided to upgrade for a new project I am building. I am able to buy a brand new Infinity 506 for around $1,300 USD with the required Jumper harness. My setup currently consists of horrible 91 E10 pump gas and nearly 3000cc/min of Water meth injection (80% VP M1).

The Kpro has 3 stages of nitrous outputs that has been great for running staged WM injection, but only provides fuel and ign tuning based on RPM only. When I started looking at the Infinity I noticed it only has 1 stage of Nitrous (WM) output on the computer for tuning. I'm sure I can trigger more solenoids but I won't have individual tables to tune each or the ability to actually add Nitrous. This almost seems like a down grade or lateral move from the Hondata. I am gaining one 2D table vs the Hondata's RPM only adjustments, but losing the ability to tune each individual stage. When I pointed out to AEM that they have advertised "4 nitrous stages coming soon" as having been nearly a 10 year old statement at this point. Their response was "Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have our web team remove the note about multi-stage nitrous coming soon." Instead of implementing it. One of the reasons I am ditching the Hondata is that they never update or release new functionality and it seems based on responses in that thread that they have abandoned Infinity for the past 4+ years.

With all of that having been said, I see that the Haltech Elite has a PnP jumper harness for K motors and 6 stages of tunable tables. Who else offers a plug and play solution for engine management in the same price range that you would recommend and why? Is the Infinity worth going to over the competition? I really want something with an onboard wideband controller as well as something that is continually updated.

Thanks in advance!

Moving my 425hp/336tq stock K24a2 supercharged M62 out of my Integra and into my NSX.

[img="https://scontent-dfw5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/24837393_10155987320214722_1453297637924887775_o.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_sid=0debeb&_nc_ohc=51_cPIQ01x4AX99SdBI&_nc_ht=scontent-dfw5-1.xx&oh=a9b9c714ca0736bb2f2cdf202cd966b2&oe=5F9868EBhttps://scontent-dfw5-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/50827933_10157029802049722_6740419205012652032_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=cdbe9c&_nc_ohc=li43Mnh3z1gAX9VMpgD&_nc_oc=AQnt-jlnt3ELrpLayBXf_K-e6Yndc63QkLD0WsvnCaSIwFsrFJezEaDnTy82xX_6vDw&_nc_ht=scontent-dfw5-2.xx&oh=598b0738d549bf9b3642bf398f60c0e1&oe=5F97F083" alt=""]

Can you explain what you want to do for the WMI strategy better - It sounds like you just want to activate 3 solenoids at different times (are the just on/off or PWM?), then you want a fuel and ignition modifier for each solenoid as well? Is that correct?

The way I have always done it is the computer activates Stage 1 (the pump) which sprays nozzle 1. Stage 2 activates a relay which opens a solenoid for the 2nd nozzle and they are both on 100% or not at all.

I would like to be able to move my large nozzles (currently 1 & 2) each on their own solenoid. Add a 3rd smaller nozzle that comes on during part throttle and make it Stage 1.


Just add Nitrous on a button or toggle the way it is now.

I don't know exactly what I want to do yet, but I will need a new engine management and don't want to regret my choice down the line.

So I decided to download the Haltech software to try it out and noticed that I'm not able to put positive values in the ignition correction part of the Nitrous tables. This makes sense if you are using them for nitrous but what about those of us using them for Water Methanol injection? It's looking like my options are even less than I thought! Am I missing anything on this or a safety to disable to add ignition?

i think you can use cylinder ignition correction instead of overall correction which would give you a range of +-10 degree

you could also try adding a third axis to your ignition table based on nitrous activation

I need to try that! However that will only give me 1 stage worth of adjustment... right?

I can't do the per cylinder adjustment that isn't nearly detailed enough.

with the cylinder ignition correction you can make all 4 cylinder add 2 degrees for example for every stage. this might be the best option for you

when it comes to adding axis to ignition table im not really sure that there is a channel for status of all 6 stages. maybe you could ask haltech to add a channel for nitrous stages

there is another option is running a flexfuel sensor with M5 in your gas tank or using like snow performance stage 4 solenoid as 1 stage of direct injection wmi

I'm not sure I understand all the details of what you want, but I think it can probably be done with an AEM Infinity-506 ECU.

I would use the Nitrous function since that allows you to have an arm switch in case you don't always want the water/meth system active. If you don't want a driver on/off switch, perhaps connect this to a fluid level switch so the ECU isn't doing trims when the water/methanol tank is empty. When the nitrous conditions are met (min throttle, min RPM, min gear, min vehicle speed) the ECU can activate the main nitrous solenoid and use the N2O_Fuel trim table and N2O_Ign timing trim table (yes it can add timing), and activate an output, and adjust the desired Lambda target which can be useful to avoid closed-loop Lambda feedback fighting the extra fuel you might be adding via methanol injection. The output pins are somewhat flexible, two axis inputs and a table for configuring duty cycle, so you can assign your second or third solenoid outputs to trigger when the nitrous function is on and set the second axis of the table to EngineSpeed and use that to activate them as desired.

Unless you're planning to have three switches and manually enable/disable each of the solenoids, I don't see the need for second or third trim tables. Just pick your activation RPM and then adjust timing in those cells of the nitrous trim tables as needed. If you change the activation RPM while tuning, you can go back and adjust the trim table cells to match.

If you absolutely need more tables, you could do some trickery with the ModeSelect input as if the driver was switching between the ECU's four IgnMap_1 - IgnMap_4 maps. Those maps are usually used for rain/endurance/sprint/qualifying modes using a multi-position switch, or blending between gas only / gas+meth / ethanol only / ethanol+meth using a flex sensor and a driver-selection switch.

Hope that helps,


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