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HELP! Standalone - Direct Injection

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what aftermarket ECU has the capability to run Direct Injection, best choice on a VW?


What issues / requirements do you have for the VW?


thanks for the reply, basically I'm after a standalone ECU that's going to play nice with the VW system and run direct injection with a HPFP. In an ideal world a plug and play would be ideal but with the exception of syvecs that I'm not going to pay for, its looking highly unlikely. Most of what's available is for the 1.8T. I've already spoke directly to Emerald, Omex and Haltec having used the first 2 in previous builds they were my first choice.

On the back of this I've been keeping on with the research with the possibility of keeping the OEM ECU and using Eurodyne maestro 7.



I think you'd be hard pressed to be honest to find an ECU that will support DI plus offer easy integration with the rest of the car's CAN comms. I've tuned a Mk% VW Golf race car using the Syvecs pnp system and it was great but it's expensive. MoTeC and Link both offer DI support but neither offer the CAN comms support (at least as far as I'm aware). You'd most likely be best to look at reflash options. You haven't specified enough about the generation of VW but HP Tuners are supporting more and more VAG platforms.


Its a MK5 Golf GTI TFSI Engine code AXX manual transmission.

I think I'm leaning towards the Eurodyne maestro 7 to tune and flash the OE ECU. There is the route to fully do away with most of the OE system run a standalone ECU, custom wiring, dash display ect. I will possibly go that route when I fully strip the car for the cage ect but for now its a case of make sure its all running and performing and not biting off to much of a chunk.

How good is the Syvecs system? Is it really worth the 3K? will that be that job done no more spending and just down to mapping?


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