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High egts?

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im a tuning a 6 cylinder inline engine that runs on pure methanol currently i am on 45 psi of boost. Car made 1700whps on the dyno, my lambda is at 0.67 but egts are reading around 1350-1450F on full throttle up to 8000 rpm. Should i richen the engine with full even more? Or is it enough for half a mile race?

try making it richer and watch the EGT methanol is a funny fuel to tune is it can also raise the EGT from being to rich

and or retarded timing

generally I will watch the Water temp while racing also with methanol as it will run hot when too lean and wont heat up enough when its to rich

Regards Ross

Methanol likes a lot of ignition advance - have you taken that into account? It will also tolerate very rich mixtures, have you tried adding or subtracting fuel while tuning?

Got the lambda down to 0.64 and timing up to 19 degrees on 3.5 bar of boost still got 1400 to 1500f, I reached mbt on 19 degree so i don't think adding any more timing will decrease the egt, but is it safe to race on those egt’s or is there a high chance that the engine will break?

My thoughts, and remember, you're paying the bills so get as much input as possible!

You should be OK with that for such a short time period, BUT different manufacturers use different alloys and materials for their turbines and housings - the manufacturer you use should have figures for the maximum sustained and 'flash' temperatures their turbo' is rated for - that is their official 'safe' figure, so you can assume there is a safety factor you can take advantage of. Reputable manufacturers will be better able to advise you, use their support service.

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