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High ign adv numbers - better fuel ? bad tune ?

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I tuned a few cars (MX5) on the same dyno, the first one was Naturally Aspirated car, it made (on the same dyno) 114hp with the stock ecu and stock headers and 150hp with my tune and headers, 98RON fuel.

It run high ign adv of around 35 at wot...

A few turbo cars I tuned on the same dyno run high ign adv at wot too, around 24-27deg @ 170-200kpa...

Is it too advanced ? I see I pick up power when advancing ...

Does it knock ? NO.

Forums posts show less timing for the same cars @ the same boost ? yes...

That lead me to think maybe (just maybe) our fuel is better ?

I don't know, what do you think ?

Thanks !


Never believe what you read in forums. Least not until it's been proven somehow.

Ask your customers what fuel they are running on, some will put the best fuel possible in for tuning then run the car on the cheap stuff, which is why they'll probably suffer det once they hit the street. Be specific and ask them if they've added octane boosters as well

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