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Honda ecu unfamiliar please need your help.

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I have OBD1 ecu with a name of denshigiken and the part number is 37820-WL1E-0000.

the ecu is already chipped from a Japanese tuner according to my friend,

originally the ecu is from my friend and i bought it without the software.

the part number is unfamiliar.

hoping anyone can help me what software can be program the ecu

i need to reprogram.

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The ECU is apparently stock for Hondas.

I can't read the writing on the chip to see what that is but part of it might mean raised RPM limiter to 8200 rpm and tuned for 98 octane fuel?

Yes 8200 RPM limiter and 98 fuel. do you know what software i can use if i want to tune my engine for this ECU?

Sorry, man, not my sort of engine - however, the Honda on-line clubs are VERY active and suggest you check out some of those as well.

You may find it isn't possible to 'tune' the ECU, though, since it has had a replacement aftermarket chip fitted - these usually need a good understanding of the raw software data and a special 'burner' to write the new data to the chip, with a new chip sometimes being required each time.

You would probably be best to consider transitioning to a product like Hondata for your application where there is significant support already available. This assumes of course compatibility with Hondata but Hondata cover a wide range of the most popular Honda ECUs

wow... last time i saw one of these was +20 yrs on a imported b18... Gord is on point, if you pull the paper with the writing and see a glass with in the center in the chip, it would be one of the older chips that need to erased with a UV light.

your option are low end have someone with Crome/Neptune burn a new chip for you

or have it re-socked as Andre said with Hondata or Neptune RTP...

wow... i am old...

Wow... thanks a lot for all your suggestions. :) thumbs up!!!

realtime tuning on old Hondas is cheap enough now that messing with chip burners is not worth the hassle

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