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Hi Im from america, here in the USA we have alot of popularity with these ECU that Are being used in SFWD Hondas. Its becoming sorta of a big thing now and i bought your classes to learn the basics and i Love them. You have helped me alot and i really appreaciate it. I was wondering if by any chance you would be able to go over some of the features and more advance features that this ECU can do. Just by using the software and emulating a scenario or just talking about some of the things that can be done or a simple breakdown on some of its tabs. The Software is the Hondata SManager (S300). It can be downloaded from their site:


Please I beg you. Help Me Thanks in advance.

^ this would help me also.

I'm using the Hondata s300 as the first platform that i learn to tune with, so making it familiar via videos etc can only help.

Where are you at in the states? I asked about this a while back but still haven't seen any features for it.. I'm working with the s300 right now and picking up a few things through trial and error. I'm running an EE8 turbo B16 CRX here in Italy and this is my first platform as well. I may be able to answer one or two of your questions, but I'm here to learn, too.

We're limited a little by what we have access to in terms of producing content for our courses as well as webinars. Right now we do have access to a couple of Hondas running the Hondata K Pro. While there is some cross over to the S300, there are also a lot of differences. Can you guys give me a list of what you would like to know about and I'll see what we can do to help.

How's it going Andre?

Just to add into this thread, i think the Hondata help section needs a lot of redefinition and explanation (maybe with a bit of scenarios to apply on basic mods will do). I do share the same experiences with these gentlemen when i started s300 which sometimes i still feel i can do better if i had a proper heads-up.

Truthfully, the hondata online forum is there and other honda forums pretty much beated every questions you can think of but usually there were all modded setups. There were no good write-ups on to kickstart a backyard project.

The k-series write-ups may help but still a bit far off from the s300.

It would be good if you can probably get a stock or a mild modded b16a or a stock b18cr and from there we can see what are the parameters that needs to be fiddle/adjust (trying to lessen the "should i change this or not?") to get the max power. Be nice to start with a street setup then maybe a track setup in the future.

Speaking of parameters, i would love to know more about the fuel and ignition compensation section under parameters. And

also a good launch control setup.

Thanks again Andre.

Thanks Andre for taken your time to reply to my post it means alot.

I love the community.

I've taken a few screenshots of the software screens and if u could just elaborate or try to explain some of the parameters so we could understand what and when are those parameters are used for would sure clear up lots of issues that im having.. Im sure this thread would help lots of people. I know its a lot of info im asking for and i would really appreciate the help.

thanks a million in advance

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That is a lot of qustions to answer, most of these can be found in the Help Section file of the s300. The Hondata forum will be more suited for this, if you have a bit more of a specific question then I will try to help you answer them.

Yea i know its alot i just thought id ask everything in one shot that most ppl seem to be asking in different forums and havent gotten a clear answer. If he could atleast answer the ones ive marked in blue which are these would be great. i was just trying help everyone out at once.

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Those are setting for your injectors, Most hondas came with 240 injectors and most basemaps are based on that. If you use the stock injectors you leave it alone, If you upgraded then you input the size in the "new" injector window and also you must input the new injector dead times into the chart below of voltage vs time. You can change the voltages based on what info you have provided for the injector deadtimes. Info can be found here https://www.hondata.com/help/smanager/fuel_injector_parameters.htm?zoom_highlightsub=injectors

For the second question follow this link it explains it pretty good https://www.hondata.com/help/smanager/idleparameters.htm?zoom_highlightsub=idle if you have any more questions or want me to clear it up for you then let me know.

Ive got another Question for some reason my AFR AEM guage is reading different than my hondata ECU software. Is there something wrong with the guage? I dont know which is the correct AFR Ratio. At Idle the Hondata Log says 14.3-14.9 and the aem guage says 15.5-17.1.

Is there a reason for this?

I've never had the issue before, but could it be a case of two O2 sensors pulling from different locations causing the inconsistent reading? Not sure if you're only running one or two.. Usually the issues I hear about with a minor difference is related to each source (gauges/ecu/etc) pooling data from two separate locations.

No it only has one wideband sensor.

If your using the AEM to feed the lambda signal to the S300 then the value on the AEM will be the correct one and you have likely scaled the sensor wrong in the software. The value will change in the software quicker than in the gauge as it will be dealing with the data without a buffer to make the value read easier as it is needed on a gauge.

Oh is there any way to correct this issue?

I don't know the software so really don't know. I know the AEM output can't be reprogrammed like some wideband setups so I hope there is for you

after looking at your pictures, picture 9 you have a voltage offset and a voltage/lambda table, try adjusting this

ok thanks alot ill give it a shot and see.

Your problem is the calibration for the aem 0.0v should be 10.00 afr 2.3 14.7 afr and 5v 20 afr.

Check this out it'll help you http://www.xenocron.com/install/Xenocron-Wideband-Setup-Guide.htm

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