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Hondata VS Link G4+

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Hello Everyone!

I'm looking to get some info from people who have experience tuning Honda's on both Hondata and Link's G4+.

So here in the U.S. everyone typically uses Hondata for the ECU's but it has a couple of drawbacks. The big thing for me would be the knock control. It does have a knock board in the ECU but I've heard it's not very accurate and doesn't work past 5000rpm.

Seeing the Link G4+ in these videos in seems like a pretty capable ECU and doesn't cost much more.

So my question is those tuning Honda's how well did the Link work for you? And how would you compare it to Hondata?

Exactly what Honda are we talking about here? What engine and what model year? The options vary a lot. For example, if you have a recent Honda that has to pass OBD II inspections, you need to keep the stock ECU and reflash it.

'94 Turbo Integra. It's OBD1, but I'm not worried about inspections anyways because theirs always ways around that.

I'm using Neptune on my honda and i'm wiling to buy J&S safeguard for additional knock safety! If your willing to spent money for a standalone ECU will be better i think!

Standalone has more flexibility but also more tuning effort.

I've never had really great results from the knock control strategy on the early Honda ECUs and certainly it's not as advanced or as configurable as the Link G4+. That being said of tuned countless Hondata ECUs and achieved great results so it really comes down to how far you're wanting to push the engine and what flexibility you want. For a light to moderately tuned engine I'd recommend the Hondata every time for value for money. If you're really looking at serious modifications then the Hondata will still be capable of controlling the engine but I might be more inclined to move to a standalone ECU.

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