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How do I tune a boosted build?

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so my first build is going to be using a single turbo set up.

Since ive only had experience tuning a stock n/a four cylinder on the engine dyno in the live tuning classes, I’m a little lost as to how I would go about tuning a turboed vehicle.

im assuming I would probably put in the lowest WG spring I could (4lbs) get everything dialed in with steady state and ramp runs. Then use the boost controller and slowing start adding in boost and getting the fuel and spark dialed in as I go?

Im also assuming for steady state tuning, I would start the ramp runs much sooner than 5,000 rpm like we did in the live dyno tuning session. We steady stated all the way until 4500 and then 5,000 on up was a ramp run. I’m assuming now with a boosted car I would probably steady state until maybe 3k-3.5k rpm and then from 3.5k-4K I would ramp run on up from there?

That sounds like a good plan. My preference is to start with a few part-throttle sweeps (40, 60, 80% throttle) before doing full throttle sweeps. Also when working with a turbo car be sure to set the ECU's boost cut to prevent mechanical damage in case of overboost. Some types of wastegate or boost control problems can result in the turbo trying to make a lot more boost than you expect, and it's much nicer to hit a fuel or spark cut than to deal with broken parts when that happens.

So I ended up finding a HPA webinar that explained this exact question in detail etc. so I’m set on this.

Can you post a link to the webinar for future reference bro?

Nice one mate

Hey Damen, that webinar should be a big help but also there is a set of modules in the standalone tuning course that covers tuning turbo engines. Check those out if you haven't already. Tuning a turbo engine really isn't any different than a naturally aspirated engine, however a little more care is required since the tuning window is a bit narrower and it's generally easier to damage a turbo engine. That being said, provided you approach the tuning with some care and patience, there's no reason you can't achieve great results.

Hey Damen, did that help?

The webinar make it more clear yes, I still need to purchase the standalone course

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