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how to enter the parameters in time plot vipec v88

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Hi everyone. I am a beginner I cannot insert the parameter afr target in the time plot someone can tell me how can I do it. the ecu is a vipec v 88. thanks in advance for help.

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If it shows "no data" and is greyed out like that it means you did not log that channel.

Im not sure if the example is a ecu log or a PC log, but if it is an ecu log then that means you must be on old firmware. That parameter was added to the default logging set in firmware 4.9.9. If it is a PC Log, then you need to go to the logging set up screen and either add that parameter to your logged list or just hit the "add all" button down the bottom to log everything.

hello I have the latest firmware for vipec v88 4.10.2 I loaded all the parameters as you say from pc logging set up but when you choose select parameteres in time plot propertiers in the show logged only afr target is not there and consequently gives me on time plot no afr target data


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So did you do a fresh log after you added the AFR target parameter to the PC Logger list? Are you opening the correct log file? If its not showing then it is not recorded in the log you are viewing. What happens if you hit F8 when viewing the graph (when connected to car) does your live stream show that parameter?

I just done a quick test and it is working as expected for me.

hi when i press f8 it works and i see it. and since a watercraft I cannot go with the PC connected to the water, but I take into consideration the files that are registered on the ecu log file download and there is no afr target data displayed. maybe I'm wrong something since I am a beginner.

Can you try deleting all logs from memory, set ecu logger activation to "always on", then do a store and power cycle the ecu. Once powered back up just let it sit there logging for say 30seconds, then go to "ecu log file download" and download the log that is in memory (should only be one). See if that has AFR target recorded. If not, please attach the file here (may have to put it in a .zip file)

hello I managed to solve thanks to your help I told you that I am a beginner I understand mechanics but I'm at the beginning electronic. practically I had only updated the software but not the firmware in the ecu now works thanks a lot for sure you'll hear me soon.

thank you again

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