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How to set up Propane Gas on LINK ECU

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Hello. I have a v8 M60 engine and 2 ECU`s. One BMW oem and second for Propane system. I want to use Link extreme and can't figure out how to combine it. So it should start to warm up the engine on petrol gas and then switch to Propane gas. On hight loads it combines Propane and Petrol. Any ideas?

Why not just use a dedictated LPG ECU , i use the Prins VSi 2 system on all our installs this will take care of the propane side of things , it will cope with 400 bhp on a v8 no problem , most of our conversion are on Dodge ram 5.7 Hemi's.

Alternatively you can gas start from cold on a stand alone just need to allow sufficient warm up time before pulling away.

Think it would be a nightmare to combine petrol and lpg on the same Link ecu [Adam may want to comment here] dont forget all LPG injectors are very low impedence . Keihin are 1.2 ohms for instance.

Cheers Keith

Thanks for your reply. I thought that it is a good idea to combine 2 ECU`s into one. More space, less wiring. Spending some time with Link PC, I have discovered that it is almost impossible to do that.

I'm sure you could do it with motec, or the more expensive US or euro ecus.

If you can get hold of an adaptronic e1280 it would probably be the cheapest with fully customizable operation and lots of outputs if link can't transition/blend operation. Maybe email Adaptronic and ask. The 1280 allows you to build any logic tree/map table/switching/combination you would likely need for combination of fuels and temp/load based blending conditions.

Combining of 2 fuels at high loads would be doable using the staged injection or auxiliary injection functions, but with the current G4+ firmware I don’t see any clean option of changing over to the secondary fuel (petrol) for start up conditions.

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