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How will COBB Green Speed affect many tuners and/or customers.. any solutions?

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Hi all,

Like many Subaru owners, I went the way of Cobb Assess tuner / pro to tune my vehicle.. Yet as of a few days ago I can't even touch the app nor let it update in any way. So not sure even how I will do logs, and or any updates if I need to. I have deleted TGVs, and EGR as well as run flex fuel and WMI.. I'm not aware of any Opensource solutions that can tackle the newer WRX FA platform with all the options I have (also bigger turbo, etc.. etc. built block). I can't use a stand alone as I live in a state that checks emissions etc.. this is a half time track car and DD.. for now I just keep my old tunes and hope nothing breaks!! but I wish to be prepared if push comes to shove!

Thanks in advance!

I was recently emailing with EcuTek, Cobb and EcuTek have the same parent company, and they were saying that these changes are only for the USDM market and the rest of the world will not be getting these changes. I was curious if you could get a VPN and set your IP to somewhere in Europe or someplace other than the US and then buy the license for the software on the Europe websites so then you would have their version of AccessTuner. Just a thought

I was not aware of the changes only being in US market.. but my car is USDM.. and that could be the catch.. not the IP address nor the software itself.. but once it sees USDM it locks features etc..

I think it's very smart. I only tune track and vintage cars not subject to emission requirements. I might consider picking up a Cobb Access port for some street cars.

Housein that is a good point, didn't think of that. Dumb emmisions

As long as you have the maps on your Accessport then you are good. If you have to go get a new tune, that is where you will start to run into issues as tuners will not have the ability to turn off the DTC from emission system deletes. You can also still data log with your Accessport.

The ECU definitions are different between the USDM and ADM market. This is how they detect if you have a USDM car. If you download an ADM map on the COBB website, you still have all the features available. But as the definitions are not the same, you won't be able to flash this map in a non ADM ECU.

I tried my VPN anyway, but it didn't change anything.

Back to ECUflash / Romraider it is, for non DIT cars...

Thanks for the replies.. I'm on DIT.. so it sucks as I had some serious plans for my car (parts in shipping) so I might be re-selling stuff and taking a hit.. or shopping for OEM parts and killing Flex fuel.

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