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How would we get HPA to cover a certain ECU?

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I really love the Ignitron ECU for the VW/Audi/Skoda ME7.5 ecu platform. It's an insanely packed and infinitely capable management that plugs into the OEM harness, but that's where the OEM limitations end.

It's a truly remarkable product and after years of dealing with Eurodyne Maestro, Win OLS and crappy eprom burning, it's breath of fresh air.

I've always been jealous of Cobb supporting everyone but the european scene, and now though they do, they don't offer end user tuning and it definitely seems to be low on their priority list, which i understand and the european tuning scene is much further behind that USDM and JDM, even thohg the technology for OEM management is typically light years ahead. It def seems like Eurodyne Maestro won't really be covered in here, which sucks, so maybe I can garner some interests in Ignitron as it's much more like a top line standalone(it is really) than an OEM tuning suite.



Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion. To be honest I hadn't heard of that ECU brand before. We have a finite amount of time so understandably need to focus our efforts on the ECU brands that are most popular so at this stage I can't promise any support of Ignitron in the immediate future sorry.

You'll almost certainly find that the majority of the information in the Practical Standalone Tuning course is still going to be applicable though. You may just find that the look and feel as well as the layout of the Ignitron ECU is a little different.

Thanks for the reply Andre!!

They are very new, 2 years I believe. But their capabilities, and the product are incredible.

So, another question, will you guys ever cover eurodyne maestro in the VW/Audi?porsche world? nothing else like it but cobb and even cobb doesn't have the range and won't allow VW owners access to accesstuner race, which is a huge disappointment. Thousands of people would love to have insight from you guys on ED Maestro from 1.8t all the way up to current MK7 engine and DSG tuning capabilities it has.


On this side of the world the euro tuning market is limited so this in turn makes it harder for us to create content. That's not to say we can't or won't though and it's definitely on our radar. The other difficulty though is finding a suitable tuning platform. Most of the serious tuners in the european market tend to use tools like winols to find maps and create their own definitions. This is a skill we believe is beyond the ability of most tuners.

Specifically with regard to the eurodyne software, you're at the mercy of the supplied definitions which at least in the one case we experienced (Mk5 Golf), weren't great, or complete.

No, you're spot on. The euro tuning market in general is very slim. I've been using Win OLS for years but it it's a money game, how can you afford is how much you get access too. While i like it, most European owners in the USA and Europe would rather buy an OTS file from a big "tuner" or they go Maestro. Maestro for the MK4 platform is quite nice, same for the MK6 and MK7 platforms. I have 2 MK5 customers but with MK4 and MK7, it's in the dozens, especially 1.8t 20v customers. I have been tuning cobb(gold cert) for subaru for a few years and as a VW guy was very excited to see them support VW, but their support has been minimum in my eyes, which is disappointing considering the AP is a great OEM ECU tuning option! But, compared to Eurodyne Maestro with the MK7 platform, I still have more Maestro customers even though cobb is better.


Thank you again for the input and responses!!

Should REALLY look into this, it is superior for the ME7.5 platform of cars. From OEM to full crazy swaps. Weapon of a tool.

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