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G'day, I have downloaded the HP tuners software onto my laptop. I have plugged my laptop into the OBD2 port using the MPVI3 interface and all it will tell me is that it is plugged in to a 2004 Holden ute 5.7 L, v8. It wont give me any more information. What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried "read"ing the PCM/ECU? What error messages do you get?

I don't know the software, but (a) screen-shot(s) of what is shown may help those who do, like David, as there may be information there that you're missing.

I have discovered that I needed to open VCM Editor to read and save the ROM file from the ECU, but I still can't get it to work in VCM Scanner. What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say what you're doing wrong, since you don't tell us what you are doing. You open the VCM Scanner software -- then what do you do? Press the red button icon?

You do have to connect to the MPVI device. VCM Scanner needs a vehicle profile created. I think this happens automatically when config is saved, but the HP Tuners help will provide info on the process. I just followed what it said, and was able to get it working with vehicles where I hadn't modified the license yet.

I watched some U tube videos and I got it working. Thanks anyway.

With the car idling, the MAP sensor is only at 39 KPA, the TPS is at 0% and the LTFT and the STFT are not registering at all.

With the engine not running the MAP is at 98 KPA. Is it possible that there is an earth not grounding?

That sounds like about what I would expect. With the engine stopped the MAP should read the current barometric pressure, typically about 101 kPa at sea level. Idling at 39 kPa sounds about (anything 35-60 depending on cams, throttle stop settings, can affect this).

Now you may not be getting Fuel Trims, because perhaps that engine doesn't use those trims in idle, or other conditions that control close loop operation aren't met (minimum coolant temp?). Look in the Fuel area for closed loop and see if there are such parameters. What happens if you give it some free revs?

MAP values sound typical.

Also there are often several similarly named monitors and sometimes only one of them reads at all or correctly.

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