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HP tuners Info Needed

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To anyone using HP Tuners,

can you add/control/adjust LC and NLS? I've requested 2 tickets now asking HP tuners for this info as well as making 2 posts in forums. My ECU (VW - MED9.1) has these features from factory but need "tuned on" the likes of APR and Eurodyne offer this but cant get an answer out of anyone regarding HPT.

This is becoming a nightmare to even pick something to tune the car with now, I think I've been scared away from using Eurodyne with 0 customer support should I ever need it, Files/Maps/Tables are incomplete, software speed in flashing takes a very long time and see many many people struggling with using it, even the users recommend I don't use it. I'm not after a "flash" from APR as I'll be tuning it myself.

Only other option is a standalone with custom loom. This doesn't phase me but I'm new with the VWs and not sure what will or wont work if the ECU isn't there.

Or. Buy a plug and play Syvecs to the sum of £3400/$4000 Ouch!!

What about Syvec Stand alone. I believe that is well supported?? But I'm just a rookie, so maybe I'm way off.

Have you looked at GT Flasher?

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