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HT extention leads for coil on plug ignition

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Hi Guys,

As has been referred to in many of the HPA courses, I am trying to source some good quality ignition extension leads for setting my base ignition timing.

I initially thought about buying the Bosch Supercheap leads here, but the plug that goes into the coil has the small and wide rubber boot that looks like it would foul on many coils.

Next up, I followed Andre's lead, and looked at Pico auto's offerings here - Pico tech extension lead and while these appedar to be the perfect solution, with a long sparkplug like connector to go into the coil, they are quite a bit more expensive and I'm hoping someone else has a cheaper solution.

I vaguely recall Andre, someone saying that any ignition lead will do, but I'm not sure if that's my memory playing tricks on me or not, as each cable is different and I suspect that while the spark ends of the cables are all the same, the coil/dizzy ends aren't...

Can someone point in the direction of a nice set of leads?




Ive done it a few times on skylines and I just used any lead I could find... I think as long as its the later model RFI resistant leads your find

Thanks Viper - turns out I was over-complicating it in my mind. Seems that any old ignition lead will work, even one with just the bare wire jammed into the coil.

Since I'm only checking base timing, the quality of the connection doesn't really matter much..



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