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Idle rough after fitting new camshaft.

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im looking for a little help tuning a bytetronik ECU. After fitting a more aggressive camshaft i have a lumpy idle that im hoping i can tune to be a little more stable. Im relatively new to tuning so please be gentle with me.

if the usual idle control won't work try this, Run the mixtures a little richer than normal to the point it runs the nicest. this may be in the range of 13.5 -14 afr and use the ignition map to help hold the idle stable

an example would be if you wanted 850 rpm and it likes about 15 deg of timing at that point then lift the number just below this point example 800 rpm row to zone to 22 or 25 this will help the idle from rolling down too low, and directly above the desired RPM do the opposite lower the number to help pull the rpm down into the 15 deg zone,

In some ECUs there is an option of idle stability control ignition timing and usually it doesn't work too good with aggressive cams so it needs to be modified for a smaller number. For instance make it 3 instead of 8 so the ignition timing would have less impact on rpm going up and down too much when idling

Thanks I haven't had it back in the dyno yet to try to fix this but I'm hoping to get it on tomorrow. I have a link ecu in one of my cars and having done a hpa course found it very easy to modify. When I have moved over to this other ecu the settings / label's for the maps are complete different and it's taken me a while to get my head round it.

Hi David. I also have the bytetronik software loaded on the mini R53 platform. I also have a camshaft installed(catcam 469) to be exact. Have you had issues not only with idle hunting up and down and resulting in big afr swings, however more so of an issue is when coming to a stop and going clutch in from let's say 1400rpm the motor will then stall?

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