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Idle, stall and startup isues - Sr22det Link

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Hi, first of, ther is probably alot of gramar/spelling errors, so be warned.

Hi, i have a SR22det that i have some enoying problems with that i cant realy seam to figure out, car runs great but has some problems when coming to a stop.

- When idling the car has a tendensy to "chase" idle, have been trying to fix this with more/less fule around idle.

- At higer idle (2-2500rpm) the engien dips down to 1000 befor it comes up agen over and over, enoying when you have a street car that needs to have its emisions cheked

-When i come to a stop the car have a tendensy to want to stall on me, and i have to blip the throthle to not have it stall.

-If the car stalls, it usaly wont start for 5-10 minutes when its warm, same if i turn of the car and try to restart it, for example after refuling.

Ther is probebly alot of things here that is easy to fix, but i havent realy figured it out, hope somone can help me in the rigth direction!

I have attached the Tune file if anyone wants to take a look at it

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Using ignition timing to stabilise idle has worked extremely well for me on the SR20, as an example adding/subtracting a few degrees as rpm drops/rises above target by 50 rpm or so and as much as 10 degrees with a larger error. I'm not very familiar with link but their support is awesome on hp academy, I'm sure someone will look over the tune file.

The trick I found to keep from stalling any engine is to set the base idle higher than where you want it to settle (1000rpm for example) and let closed loop gently bring it down to target, maybe 800rpm etc.

You will definitely want to get stable afr's for the above to work properly though, I haven't found any issue with a stoich idle even with larger cams on the SR but your results may vary, of course you will want it a little richer on cold start.

Good luck!

Will look into that! Thanks!

Can you attach or share a PC log of the problem(s) occurring.

this sounds like you have more than one issue going on a PC log to go with this map will be great I suspect one issue with the overrun fuel activation set up but a log will show us what is happening,

Regards Ross

Hi! Thanks for the replys!

I wil get a log file as soon as i can, atm the car is of plates and wont be geting them befor the 19 if im lucky, but wil uplode a log file as soon as i have one!

In your Idle gain tables you've some quite large numbers when the engine temperature is warmed up.

I'd start by zeroing out these tables as you might be generating a feedback loop causing the chasing that you're mentioning. When trying to set up idle control you should start in open loop mode, get the base duty cycles set before setting up closed loop with PID.

As for the warm restart, you've very little fuel going in. Chances are you'll need more added in there, I'd probably start with about 10% in the crank enrichment and about 6% in the pre-crank prime when warm, see if it tries to fire at that

Thanks! Gonna watch thise!

As said above, i cant realy do mutch due to car beeing of plates, but will try and give some feedback as soon as i can! :)

i have made a couple of mods to your map that should help down this use the compare function to see the changes if you are happy to load the map and see if it helps if it doesn't send in a PC log to let us take a look

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Hi! I finaly got to drive the car for a bit today, but the log file i tryed to make on PC dident get saved or somthing so i have a smal log file of it idleing, then i managed to pull the log file from the ECU, its prity long but hope somone can make some sense out of it.

It alsow seemd that what Ross did helped wid idle and its now way more stabled then it ever was befor!

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