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IECVA1 cams suck, anyone have decent idle timing?

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Bare with me, this will start with a small rant.

IECVA1 suck.

They have been tested by several people on Cam doc's to be 30-45% larger than advertised with 15% more overlap than stated, they chunk apart, and they're inconsistent. Which is probably why they stopped selling them so quickly.

I've had numerous customers and friends with them and either myself tuning or others, the results are always shit. Thankfully most get rid of them and go with quality CAT units and even though smaller, make more power, better low end torque and a larger powerband.

So, I have a customer or three who won't/can't switch cams for the unforeseeable future. So I'm stuck tuning these things. They are HUGE for a 4cyl turbo that is 1.8L-02.0L displacement. I've had a few cars with higher comp and 2.0l that had decent idle. Typically these are cars on standalone. But I think it could be better than the vicious chop, 8-10in vacuum at idle, insanely rich(I assume due to overlap) and mediocre drive ability.

what approach are you guys doing with turbo 4cyl cars that have a far too big cam for a street driven car for start, idle and timing?

Trying to expand my mind, my knowledge and applicable ideas. Which in turn helps me provide a better product for the customer.



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