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Infinity 506 b18c oem distributor

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tried to search, did not find any related issue..

i have a AEM infinity 506 with AEM 92-95 civic harness + oem distributor adapter (PN 30-3501-00)

engine not running well [=

before i'm getting into specifics, do anyone know if i still need to reverse the distributor signal (reluctor sensor ???) to falling edge ? and if i do.. then how ? [=

aem decription..

Coil-On-Plug Ready Adapter HarnessThe ignition coil High Performance DTM-Style connectors on Honda/Acura OBDI B/D/H adapter harnesses enables racers to easily convert their race engine to coil-on-plug without having to modify the ECU’s connector or make any changes to the jumpers in the ECU. For racers who are still running a distributed ignition, an ignition coil adapter is available that plugs into the ignition coil High Performance DTM-Style connector (PN 30-3501-00, sold separately).


I found your thread on the AEM forums and replied there. Thanks for posting logs, by the way. That helps a lot.

hey SB,

thank you for your detail answer!

i will try it and will post on AEM forum.

when the problem us solved ill post the answer here.

thx !

Hi chen, sorry for bringing up an old thread but is there any way you can post the link to your aem thread. Thanks

Aem took down their support forum, too bad there was some good information in there.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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