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Infinity 6 file from scratch BMW S14

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There is no base file for the BMW S14 in the files that come with the software. How do I start a file from scratch and not have to open an existing file and go through and change all the settings to match my engine parameters? thanks


You have access to all the same options and settings when editing an existing file as you would have when starting from scratch. My advice would be to open an existing file from an engine with the same number of cylinders. If there are multiple existing files that have the same number of cylinders, try to pick a file for an engine that is similar in the type of ignition setup as what you have (sequential coils or distributor or wasted-spark with multiple spark plug leads attached to each ignition coil). Be sure to open a file that matches the type of Infinity ECU you have, for instance an Infinity-506 file or an Infinity-508 file.

If you still want to start from scratch without opening an existing file, flash the ECU with the universal models, then connect to it and start working from there. It's a good idea to have a battery charger, you might spend some time cranking the engine while configuring the ECU to work with your crank & cam sensors, and while configuring the ignition sync settings.

Hope that helps,


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