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Injector calibration test

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Hi guys. I dont know if this the right thread for this question. Apologize me if its not. I have recently bought an injector calibration & cleaning machine. I have found that the calibration fluid for it is almost non existent in my area. Does anybody have experience with other type of substitute fluid i can use for the calibration? Or can i just use the fuel itself?

for calibration you can use fuel if the machine says you can in it instructions

Varsol is a good solution as well. It has a lower volatility than fuel does and may also have some cleaning capabilities as it is a solvent. Fuel tends to stale when circulated and open to atmosphere. It will change its viscosity and thus alter you test results.

Varsol is also known as mineral spirits in some markets. If you go this route make sure its good quality as some low cost products are cut with water.

I have also seen shops use WD40 as a test fluid.

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