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Hello guys. Today was my firs time at dyno. I`ve spend 3 hours tuning my stock SR20DET engine powered by Link Xtreme. Ive started from 190 HP and ended with 250. And here is the question I can't find the answer: PC link log file manager shows me injector duty cycle 140%. How could it be possible? :))

Could you post some logs? Do you have 140% duty cycle? or 140% of your Master Pulse Width?

Here it is

Attached Files

For some reason the Link ECU doesn't flatline at 100% IDC as you'd expect, but rather it will continue to calculate an increase in IDC as you add numbers to the fuel table. Of course 140% is not realistic and you won't be getting any more fuel than you were at 100% IDC. It just means you've exceeded the limits of the injectors, pump, or both.

Thanks Andre.

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