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Injector Dynamics characterization data use questions

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I have recently purchased a set of ID1050X injectors to replace my factory injectors on a 2014 Genesis Coupe 2.0T that I am getting ready to tune with a Haltech PnP for the BKTheta (read: Genesis Coupe 2.0T) now that I am through the majority of the applicable course material here on HPA. I chose these injectors based on the fact that they publish their data, and they say that it is plug and play. I also lack any data for the factory injectors the OEM used. My issue is in how I am am interpreting this data, and that it does not appear to be plug and play for my application.

To make things slightly more confusing, ID has data specific to the Elite, Elite 1500 (not sure of the different use cases for these two sheets) and for the Platinum Sport 1000. To my knowledge the BKTheta PnP ECU came in between these products and contains a few of the newer features of the elite, but certainly not all of them.

Again trying to complicate things further, the ECU is not made for the 2013-2014 Genesis Coupe, but since it shares most of the same components as earlier models, it is semi-supported by Haltech for my application. A key factor that changed is that the fuel system now runs at 85 PSI instead of the 43.5 PSI that the older models did.

I tried rewatching the segment on the worked example that Andre has for the Haltech Elite to see if I could infer how to use the data from ID, but the table setups are fairly different between the ECUs. Where the elite uses differential pressure on a 3D table in his example, mine has a 2D table that is set from Haltech to use the MAP sensor, but can be configured with any other available parameter.

The ID datasheet for the elite series seems to be using differential pressure as in Andres example, but I can't or don't know how to use it directly. The ID datasheet for the PS100 simply has a flat flow rate for 43.5 PSI fuel pressure. There is also the Slope & Offset table on the ID site that does have flow at higher fuel pressure, but also seems oriented to a 3D table where I can set my battery voltage on another axis.

So my question finally is, with the data available from ID, and the table I have available, is the any formula or other sort of conversion I can use to input correct data in my ECU for these injectors? Maybe an easy way to calculate the increase in the flat flow from 43.5 to 85 PSI? A different way that I should be interpreting or making use of the ID datasheets? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I think I may be missing something easy here and that I also have a good grasp on the remaining course material, but this one has me a little stumped. Also, apologies if I posted this in the wrong section or if I neglected to provide any relevant data.

Thanks everyone!

Some reference material if needed:




Hi. Your new injector size with 85 psi of pressure in the fuel rail is 1455cc.

Offset time would be 2555 ms @ 8 volts, 1705 ms @10 volts, 1280 ms @ 12 volts, 1030 ms @ 14 volts, 855 ms @ 16 volts.

Any other information you need about these injectors?

Thanks georg1970! I really appreciate you taking time to respond and the data you provided :)

The only question I have for you is how you got this information. Like I said in my post I feel like I am missing something that I should see/know on the datasheets. Is this information there right in front of me, or did you have to work this out from the data that was on the sheet with a little math? If it was some sort of formula, would you mind sharing it so that I can do this in the future if needed? Again, sorry if I missed something easy when I was reading over the injector data.

Well, you gave all the information that was needed to calculate new injectors size. New fuel pressure is 85 psi. When you go to injectors site http://injectordynamics.com/injectors/id1050x/ and find the table Slope & Offset vs Pressure sheet. On the left side of that table you will see Fuel Pressure column. You will need to find 85 psid figure in that column and there you go- the rest of the data required is there in that 85 psid line: injectors dead time and new size.

As for a formula calculating the new injectors size- it is old size times Square root of new fuel Pressure divided by old fuel Pressure . Qf=Qn x ✓(P2/P1). But it is much easier to use an online calculator, like this one for instance. It will give you very close figure https://www.deatschwerks.com/fuel-calculators/flow-vs-pressure-calculator

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