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Injectors not opening

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Hi there!

I have this car in which has me puzzled. It came in for a retune(the ecu was erased by the owner(firmware upgrade while password protected) ). So its a working setup. I have put in a base tune to fire it up. Worked fine, left for the day and came in next day to continue on the car. Wired in a wideband and try to start the car again. no luck. removed the wideband to take this out of the equation. same thing.

Now a few day's later, and some hours of looking at a scope i found out that the injectors seem to get 12 volt but are not getting pulled to ground for some reason, and thus not opening. I've tried a lot of things and was hoping you guy's can give me some pointers.




-ground cables



-million other things

Some information on the car: Its a 350z with a supercharger running a haltech platinum. ID1000 injectors. the car is for the rest bone stock.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards!

Im no Haltech expert, but the first thing to do with any ecu would be a log of it cranking and see if any inj PW is being commanded, RPM is showing something realistic, no cuts are active and whatever variable they use to report sync is valid.

To confirm if your problem is fuel you can just spray a quick squirt of starter fluid into the intake and see if there is then any signs of life.

Hi Adam!

Thanks for your reply. I did check in the ECU log if there where some triggers errors while cranking. Which were not. I saw the same amount of rpm as the older logs i had of the car. Same for the MAP. For the rest al the other options in the ECU are off. No cuts or corrections where active of configured.

I can do the motor start trick. That can give me, at least, an idea of the engine is still sane. Thanks for that tip!

Kind regards!

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