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Innovate Exhaust Clamp

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Hello everyone ,

Wanted to ask opinions in regards of the Innovate Exhaust Clamp . I have the lm-2 but for single O2 and I am going to be tuning a GTR Skyline , with stock turbo's on it and I won't be able to use my LM-2 . I know that I can make a hole and put a plug on the exhaust where the exhaust becomes one but was thinking if with the exhaust clamp it will be faster and easier and use it on other similar applications .

I've got the clamp attached to a piece of 2inch diameter pipe then use that as a sniffer, the longer pipe gets further inside the tailpipe and makes sure the gases flow past the clamp.

Thanks Chris ,will be adding the extension as well .

The exhaust clamp is ok, but it isn't effective in all situations. Particularly if the exhaust tip is large diameter (4" for example), you're likely to get the sensor being contaminated by ambient oxygen at idle and cruise which will display a falsely lean reading. An extension into the exhaust will help and on the RB26 will likely be ok, however if you're trying to use this on a car that has a sharp 90 deg bend straight before the exhaust tip it still won't give solid readings.

In my own opinion and from my experience, the best solution is to add an O2 weld boss near the collector.

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