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Innovate LC-2 vs LM-2

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Hello everyone ,

I apologize if there has been a similar inquiry in the past but couldn't find it . It might be sort of a noob question but thought to ask it anyway .

In comparison the LC-2 vs the LM-2 , which one would be better for tuning . According to Innovate's website they feature the same but also includes includes digital input, output, and 2 user programmable analog outputs.

I do understand that most people use the LM-2 and you can use the LC-2 to add channels to the lm-2 and convert an existing narrow-band gauge .

So would it be worth buying the LC-2 instead of the LM-2 ? Is it worth buying both ?

If your planning on jumping car to car for tuning then I would go, and have gone, for the LM2. It has a threaded bit at the back which is great for getting a window mount (gopro mount copy from ebay) to hold it in place on the car, the extra accessories are handy as well.

If you were to get the LC2 it should only be for a permanent install, the viewing area is small, you'd need to find some way of mounting it unless you were running the data into your computer, in which case the gauge will be rolling around the foot well where it could be damaged.

The data displayed on the LC2 will likely have a buffer on it so it's not distracting to drivers, the data output won't have this buffer, I'm guessing here but I doubt the LM2 would have this.

Thanks for the info . Yeah I was talking for not being permanent . I was thinking of watching it through the laptop and taking advantage also of the ecu anaog features that are given to us .

I know the majority is using the LM-2 , but was thinking that having the LC-2 , showing values in my laptop screen will be easier as I will be only concentrating on 1screen at that moment of adjustment of the afr .

The choice is quite easy - For a permanent install the LC2 is your best option. It's also cheaper.

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