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Innovate LM-2 usage with HP Tuners

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Quick question. Do you have to install an additional bung in each of the cars tuned or is there an output from the LM-2 that feed info to the ECU? Watching all the worked examples I find it hard to believe that they are welding a bung in each of the cars, even in stock form (IE, Practical Reflash Tuning - HP Tuners Holden Basic). I figure if you already go catless you could install in the post cat bung and disable those DTC's but in a vehicle with cats wouldn't the O2 reading be affected post cat?

Just trying to find out because I just ordered my MPVI2+ and am about to order the LM-2 and want to know what to expect.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I do install bungs (all ways have ) to be honest, I have done it ever since I had a car with removed cat internals give me an issue with fluctuating readings, my thoughts on this was it was caused be some sort of turbulence. the mpvi2 has a plug come with it as does the Lm-2 that allows you to connect them together

Regards Ross

Thank you Ross. Another question. The LM-2 can be bought as either a single or dual, basic or complete kit. Would you recommend the dual kit (for instance with a V8) or do you only run one AFR signal into the MPVI2?

Also I see the main difference between the LM-2 basic and complete kit seems to be that the basic kit doesn't come with the analog in/out cable, ODB-II/CAN interface cable or SD memory card. I assume at the very least I would need to get the analog in out cable to interface with the MPVI2. What about the OBD-II/CAN cable?

Thanks again

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