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Innovate lm2 - lambda sensor bung

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Hi all,

Need some help on what length bung to use with the lm2 lambda sensor. It came with a 1inch/25mm length bung....but if you screw in the sensor it does not protrude into the pipe....I see most places sell the 1/2 inch bung...

- does the reading get affected depending on the bung length?

- should the sensor protrude into the exhaust pipe and by how far?



According to Innovate it should not affect it. They use an extended bung to act as a heat sink to absorb heat from high power turbo applications. You may use a shorter bung, If you're concerned you may shorten one side of the bung and weld it so it sits flush but its not necessary.

I've used the short bung on pretty much every installation I've ever had and seen no trouble from it. If I remember right Innovate made the heat sink bungs to counter sensor life problems on rotary turbo engines.

FYI, the sensor bungs I'm using with the AEM UEGO kit mounted in the headers pre turbo on our Toyota 86 are a heat sink style as you would expect to see much higher temperatures at this point.

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