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Insoric Dyno System

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Hi guys,

I was just informed that there is a new sensor which read angular velocity of the wheels developed by Insoric (Swiss company).

I asked some guys who used it and they told me that their results were pretty accurate if you enter the specs of the vehicle properly. In some occasions, their measurements are more accurate because test is done on road under real conditions.

Are all these true? Have you ever tried it?

There are 2 pros of the system. Price which is around 3000 euro and it is a remote dyno system. No need to install or maintain anything

I would consider this system just to check hp/torque of the vehicle before and after remap and provide the customer with a dynograph. I won't use this to develop files especially for standalone ECUs.

I think it may work for the reason that I want to use it.

Anyway, I need your opinion on this


I looked the product and the video and it seems very interesting and useful the only drawback I notice is the way it attaches to the wheel

not all wheels have a nice flat surface to stick the sensor, but if you make sure that you are going to have a good place to stick the sensor it can work for what you want . It appear a good quality equipment.

Hi juliotdr,

I have talked with some guys who use 4wd dyno and Insoric equipment and they told me that if you insert car information correctly and perform the test properly, the results are pretty accurate. So, as they told, for the reason I need it (to check gains before and after remap) it is more useful because of the low cost.Also no maintenance is needed and it is not time consuming. I agree with you, the drawback is how to place the sensor properly on the wheels but I am sure that I will manage to do it :)

Thank you very much for the time you spent checking the item for me

Hi Vas,

Thanks for sharing too, its always nice to research new technology and new products.

We see Insoric dynoplots pretty often, used by various reflashing companies. I'd look at it as handy tool and cheap way to give a customer at least some numbers, that you've done something worth the effort.

It's the old G-Tech product, that we've used as "kids" back in the day to get our 1/4m times when there were no track days of any kind.

That beeing said, I'd never trust the results over a permanently installed vehicle dynamometer of the top brands.

Yes, It's a nice tool. I have found another company making them. http://www.dynomet.dk/en_whoarewe.htm

While I agree with you Andy that a real dyno installed in a workshop, for a hobbyist like myself it would be a neat tool to play with before heading down to the real dyno.

My local shop charges me $140 an hour to do runs on their dyno, well, to watch them run my car on their dyno, so one of these devices would be a great way to save time and money, but the cost is high. The Dynomet one is cheaper but still NZ$4000 + tax, or to put it another way, 130 hours on the dyno at my local shop.

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