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Installing a Link Kurofune on an Aristo JZS161

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I am just in the process of installing the Kurofune ECU to 'piggy back' on the stock ECU on my Aristo JZS161 automatic. While labelling my harness for the installation, I noticed something strange. I noticed that the 6 injectors outputs from the HKS harness run to the engine side of the loom as they are supposed to, however 6 of the Aux outputs from the HKS harness seem to run to the ECU side of the loom to the injector output terminals of the OEM ecu. Is this how it is supposed to be? This does not seem right to me as I cant understand why the stock ECU's injector outputs would need any sort of feedback.

they do not need them you can depin them from what i have been told. just take note of where they go just incase you do find you do need them

Regards Ross

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