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Insulating ball bearing turbo exhaust housings - good or bad?

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So, I was planning to get the exhaust housings on my GT-SS turbos on my RB26 insulated by thermo-met which should decrease exhaust surface temperature by up to 80%.

This is obviously of great benefit as my bay gets very hot. However some have warned that the Garret ball bearing turbos do not like the extra heat and they could fail or at least fail quicker. With all the experience on here I would hope there are a few who would know if this is accurate and therefore whether I should wrap the or leave them exposed?

Thanks in advance.

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I have always used thermo insulation on my turbos, never had a problem because of it... But to me low engine bay air temperature is much more important than turbo longevity...

here is a very well explained video on this subject https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJrYZ3aeENM

I use blankets only when necessary for keeping other components cool.

That link, and others, was very interesting. About the only thing that doesn't seem to be covered is using a thermal barrier paint on the inside of the turbine housing to reduce the heating of the turbo-charger body in the first place, which I would have expected to be the most efficient place to start?

Towards the end, he commented on the practice of using retarded timing and excessively rich mixtures, which I've always considered anything but "safe" for turbo' life, and he seems to confirm this.

Thanks, some great info.

From what I gather water cooled ball bearing turbos may be able to take the heat better but its best to avoid if possible. I was warned specifically about the low mount turbos for the RB26 so perhaps its best to stay away.

A ceramic coating might help but with less heat trapped in the turbo. Had my manifolds and front pipes coated from the start so not sure how much difference it made. Is the coating used by Zircotec really much difference than a standard ceramic like Cerakote?

You need to talk to the coating service - different coatings have different purposes and using the wrong one will just lead to problems.

Looking at an older email I see that HPA have insulation on their SR20 engine and its pretty effective, wonder how long until turbo problems occur, still considering it for mine as engine bay temps can be an issue, not much room in the 260Z bay once a twin turbo 26 is in there and a lot of heat gets trapped at the rear of the bay.

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