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Intake manifold surface temperature.

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Intake manifold surface temperature, or more specifically, port wall temperature, has a bearing on the fuel film model for cranking enrichment.

Is this a parameter worth inputting or can a useful compensation be derived from coolant temp/intake air temp/engine run time? This for a MoTeC gold box that doesn't have fuel film modelling.

It's pretty easy to get a gold-box setup and starting easily using just the Cranking Compensation with Engine Temp as one axis, and Crank Time as the other.

So don't overthink it is what you're saying?

Even the M1 doesn't use fuel film for cranking compensation. Fuel film is for pressure changes from one steady state condition to another. Starting is just give it enough fuel, and make sure the spark happens close to the right time. There are a wide range of values that work just fine.

So yeah, don't worry you can make it start just fine with just a coolant temp sensor.

As David said - unless you're a manufacturer who has emissions, driveability, starting and other concerns under extremes of cold and heat, you should be fine with just the basic settings.

Cool, thanks guys.

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