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Intercooler Sizing for Gen 3 turbo LS

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As the title states I'm trying to figure out the right size Air to Air intercooler for my turbo build. I've been on a lot of different forums with a lot of different viewpoints. I've been hearing a lot of talk of sizing your intercooler to your engine cfm, and a lot of it being sized to your turbo cfm. Can anyone here point me in the right direction?

I have a 2001 Gen 3 LS 4.8, with a 212/212 110lsa cam, stock 862 heads with valve train updates. Running a 4L60e. Turbo is a 1.05 AR GT45. Planning on running no more than 14lbs of boost.

Thanks in advance!

The two considerations I would make would be:

1. What is your anticipated power? This really comes down to the airflow you're expecting and the reason we need to know this is so that the IC doesn't provide excessive pressure drop.

2. What is your anticipated boost pressure (in this case you've said 14 psi max). This effects the answer to the first question, however it will give us some idea how much heat you're going to be putting into the IC and hence, how much heat the IC needs to get rid of.

Given the information you've provided I'd personally be looking for an intercooler that has 3" inlet and outlet for a start. The core area is going to come down to what you can fit in the car but if possible I'd be trying for something around the 600 x 300 x 76 mm size. This should provide minimal pressure drop and great cooling of the charge air.

Have a look around Plazmaman's site for an idea of their intercooler sizing vs power ratings: https://plazmaman.com/product-category/intercoolers/

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