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Intermittent Fuel/Ignition cuts with an M130?

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I am part of an FSAE team in the US. We run a YZ450R with a factory gear box. We are set up for clutchless up shifting and down shifts via a pingel system. We use a MoTec M130 for an ECU. We currently run 40% fuel cuts and 40% ignition cuts during up shifting only which works well when the system itself is actually working. This is my first year tuning the car so I'm using a tune similar to what was used the previous year. The gear is always in "fault" mode and that was done intentionally because there is no sensor for the vehicle to know what gear it is actually in. Last weekend when doing some testing we were having problems with the cuts, sometimes working as they should, sometimes not at all. I would like to know if anyone has an idea of a parameter or limiter that could be causing the ecu not to allow the cuts? The throttle limits are set at 100% for each gear, all of the ratio inputs are correct, Gear shift speed minimum is set at 1000 rpm(range for us is usually 6000-10000 rpm). Let me know what other information would be needed to get an idea of the problem. TIA!

Start by posting some screenshots so we can understand what exactly you are looking at. Exactly what sensors do you have on the engine?

Does your logged "Gear Estimate Ratio" equal your "Gear Ratio" table for each gear? What are you using to detect a gear shift -- two switches, or a strain gauge?

What is the value of "Gear Source"?

Exactly what channel is showing Fault -- "Gear Position"? Is "Gear Position Sensor Sensor Main Resource" set to "Not in Use"?

What is the value of "Gear"?

Is "Gear Shift Mode" enabled?

Is "Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit Mode" enabled?

As for what can prevent the gear cuts -- Look at the help for "Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit" -- are all of those required conditions true / active? -- what happens to the value of "Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit" when you attempt to shift?

Many of these questions could be answered if you posted your package (probably have to put it in a .zip file) so we could download and look. Uploading a logged data file (the .ld file) showing a failed shift would also be helpful. If you are using a MoTeC dash, try loading the CAN Comms template for "M1_Paddle_Shift 0x650_Version 1" and logging channels from that -- not all will apply, but you should be able to find the channels I've asked for above.


I have attached a couple of files that may be of interest to you regarding the setup of the M1.

Using the "Fault" mode is the main issue here, this mode turns off most of the paddle shift functionality, such as Engine Speed Matching, and all of the controls are based on open loop timings from the Gear Shift Timing table. Gear is NOT used in this mode, it just sees a Up or Down request from the Paddles and drives the actuator in the requested direction.

Is there a reason that you can't fit a Gear Position Sensor into the gearbox? I thought that the factory box had one as standard on those engines?

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