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Is HTG the best option?

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I’m looking to build a K24/DCT FRS using a BMW GS7 DCT. This car will be used in time attack and possibly autocross. I should also specify that this will be run on a Haltech nexus r5 and will be my first DCT car and I will likely have to tune the DCT myself. HTG was the first company that I looked at as they seem to be the biggest company in the DCT market, however as I started diving deeper into the discussions on the Facebook page and other pages like it I started noticing that many of their customers were unsatisfied and/or had ruined their transmission in the process of tuning it. I was then recommended to CanTCU since it used bmw software. So, I have to ask, is HTG the best option? What were your experiences with HTG and has another company proven superior in the market?

HTG is the only option I seem to hear about, so I'm curious to hear from others as well.

Htg have apparently gotten better with their tuning and not killing transmissions but a lot of people stuff have issues with how they do tuning. A better option that is similar is turbolamik. TurboLamik is more refined in their tuning process and controllability of everything within the transmission such as shifting harshness, trans brake, manual clutch pedal input etc.

cantcu is more for someone who just wants to run the transmission but doesn’t need the extensive programmability of a turbo lamik and it’s easier to install. TurboLamiks support team is very helpful too and can offer remote tuning.

GreasyReecey thank you for letting me know about turbolamik. I had saw that a little bit with CanTCU, but I’m glad you responded to confirm that.

Turbolamik don't have support for the GS7 dual clutch transmission, their controller is for torque converter automatics e.g 6hp, 8hp.

I would say have a think about what you plan on using the car for and why you want to use this particular transmission.

If you are building a dedicated time attack car then you would probably be better off with a purpose built sequential.

The GS7 suffer pretty significantly from thermal management issues when put under any sort of stress.

If you want the DCT because it is an 'automatic' I don't know why you would need that sort of functionality in something being built for time attack.

Scott O'Reilly thank you for your input. I’d actually forgotten all about it. Since, I’ve seen your post I’ve made a setup in cad that would utilize two Setrab Proline SLM 592 radiators in a v radiator style in the truck that would utilize NACA ducts. Just by chance have you seen any similar setups in any way because I couldn’t find anything.

Not trying to poopoo your current configuration but after having to repair a few Elites out of warranty for clients (very poor cold solder joints that reminded me of Adaptronic quality pre-acquisition) and have had success with MaxxECUs for those that aren't building tube chassis race cars, I can't recommend them enough. Their DCT control - while not as configurable as HTGs - has been fantastic as well.

Might want to look into converting if you're still in the implementation phase, though it also makes sense as to why you wouldn't.

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